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..They are the original people who took Wiring project,
marketed it better, then pretended like Wiring never existed.
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I'm calling this section turtle computing because of systems described here being (relatively) slow.
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coming soon; for a while, here's something relevant - The untold history of Arduino


I bought Raspberry Pi as soon as it became available in my region, model B with 256MB made in China. Currently it runs FreeBSD 10.1. While I'm still trying to find a better use for it, my RasPi serves as a chess game machine, with GNU Chess 6.2.2. To be able to play it outside of my home network without using dynamic DNS and firewall rules for SSH access, I came up with very simple Perl script which forwards GNU Chess commands and replies through XMPP, acting as a Jabber client. So that I can issue moves and see the board on my Android device, like this:

Unfortunately, without monospace font the board output is rather broken, but anyway you should learn to play holding position in your head :-P  I use two accounts registered with https://www.jabber.at/, but I guess any public XMPP service would suffice; it's assumed the accounts are previously tied through contact list. The script supports several meta-commands, such as stats, spawn (with optional parameters to pass to child process) and kill; and everything else is just forwarded to child process, which is defined on script launch.

$ perl xmppendp.pl <jabber_account> <password> <process>

So you can use bc instead of gnuchess as a process parameter. I had some issues with CPAN on RasPi and installed required Perl modules Net::XMPP and IO::Socket::SSL, resolving all dependencies by hand; it wasn't that hard having about 10+ modules in total. To start my game server, I login with SSH on RasPi, then run the script inside screen instance, and detach from it pressing <Ctrl-a> then <d>; now SSH-session can be closed, you can reconnect later with screen -r. Here's the script (1,8K).

I got constant disconnects about once per day with fatal error somewhere deep inside XMLStream, so that I hardened it with permanent reconnection attempts; have to capture traffic and investigate it later.


About 10 years ago I was lucky and had a chance to play with Nintento DS development kit, that fascinating blue box. The time I spent with it was very brief, only several weeks, and all I could get were few demos, unfortunately without any further progress. Anyway, that was just tremendous experience, and I would like to share piece of it - particle demo (255K). You'll have to use some kind of device to run Nintendo DS homebrew in order to load the demo, although it was produced with official development kit. It has a free look managed through touch screen, and a bug (of course!) - after number of hours the effects ceased to update and freeze :) Sorry for textures from id Software games used, couldn't find anything better for the moment.

I got original silver-black Nintendo DS - don't like Lite systems, for me they lack the impression of retrofuturistic device I got every time opening its clamshell.

1 Constructive Solid Geometry

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